About Us

Solar eTribe (SeT), a global organization with local chapters, provides a platform where solar energy professionals, experts and new entrants (including users and businesses) connect, share, learn and inspire.

Share ideas, Ask questions & Get answers from the SeT members and experts.

SeT is a rapidly growing forum and has members across the globe. Please join in today and get benefited. As a member,

  • Get in touch with Solar industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs and capitalize on opportunities.
  • Know what’s happening in the market place and on the technology front.
  • Develop relationship with experts, business professionals and entrepreneurs in this industry.

SeT members Share, Learn and Inspire ...

  • Share and contribute information through group emails, workshops, blogs, online forums, etc.
  • Learn emerging technologies, stay updated with the industry trend and know the Solar companies around the world.
  • Inspire and motivate others to save on energy and help build a green community.

SeT members Connect, Communicate and Collaborate ...

  • Connect with individuals have similar interest.
  • Communicate through articles, emails, blogs and other online tools.
  • Collaborate on solar ventures, new ideas,  innovative and alternative solutions.

SeT is a group of technology savvy, industry experts and technology innovators and users where members help each other…

  • Spread the idea that solar means business and this is a win-win for both businesses and end users. This will reduce market barriers to solar technologies.
  • Help new business professionals to meet with venture capitalist/financer to achieve mutual business objectives.
  • Educate community and help raise awareness about environmental issues and the amazing capabilities of solar technologies (Photovoltaic, CSP or Solar Thermal and others..) as a clean energy source.