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For many project developers, it is essential to understand various options for solar panels available in the market. We are listing three different types of solar panels available from various vendor.


Monocrystalline Silicon Solar PV Modules: These types of modules are most efficient. They are also more expensive in comparison to other types of modules. They can give efficiency up to 25%. Whenever you have space constraint and you want to capture more energy out of your solar panels, these panels should be your first preference. Major manufacturers are ERA Solar, CSG PVtech, ECO Solar.



Polycrystalline Silicon Solar PV Modules: They are less efficient as compared to monochrystalline PV modules, but they also cost less as compared to Monocrystalline type. Their efficiency ranges upto 20%. Polycrystalline modules are good value for money option.



Thin-Film Solar PV Modules: Such types of modules give an average efficiency around 12%, but they are cheaper than polycrystalline modules. They are constructed using Amorphous Sillicon, or cadmium telluride (CdTe) or copper indium gallium selenide (CIS/CIGS) materials.



Before considering any type of technology, there you should run a thorough cost benefit analysis based on various factors such as, efficiency of solar modules, cost of modules, and life of modules etc. It is also very important that modules are certified by the government agency. 

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