Solar Water Heater: A simple way to reduce your electricity bill

Solar Water Heater: A simple way to reduce your electricity bill

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A simple technology, Solar Water Heater, was developed 100 years back. The technology uses sun rays to heat up the water. There are many new technologies that have come up in the market. First one is called Flat Plate Collector and Another type is called Evacuated Tube Collector. The typical design includes a simple glass with insulated box, which has copper heat exchanger pipes or glass pipes. System works on passive water heating, in which sun rays heats up the fluid present inside the copper tubes and because the hot water tends to rise up, it is replaced by cool water from the tank. This cycle continues till certain temperature is reached. 

Few Important factors to keep in mind before buying:

  1. Life of the system: FPC has longer life because they are made from metal. While ETC are made from glass so their life is shorter.
  2. Cost: It depends upon the size of the system. Smallest size is for 100 liters/day sufficient for the family of 4 people. This will give temperature of 60 'C. Cost of such system will come to about 15000 to 20,000 Rs.
  3. Savings: A typical system of 100 units will save about 1500 units of electricity in a year.

A typical solar water system is a win win case for both environment and for your saving. System does not have any maintenance requirement and even during cloudy days it gives sufficient hot water. Let us know your experience with solar hot water you have used.

Go Green !!


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