Solar System Components

Solar System Components

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Solar System has various components, which enable it to capture sun light and produce electricity. We are mentioning few major components and their function below:

First Major component is Solar Panel. They are also called as Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) because they convert solar energy into electricity with the help of photo voltaic effect. Electricity produced by them is of DC nature. They take up around 40%-60% of the total system cost. Solar panels have life up to 25 years. They just require cleaning time to time, other than that they are maintenance free. 

Second Major Component is Mounting Structure, which provides support to the solar panels. To maximize the sunlight capture, mounting structure helps keep solar panels in optimum direction to the Sun movement.

Third component is DC-AC inverter. As we already know, electricity produced by the panels is of DC nature, while most of the electrical equipment requires AC current, so an Inverter is used which converts DC current into AC current. Inverter cost around 10%-20% of the system cost. Many large scale power plants directly feed electricity from inverters into grid.

Battery Pack is another important component, which enables users to store electricity generated from solar panels and use it as per their need. Many places electricity is required during the night while system generates electricity during the day. Batteries can last up to 3-5 years. They take up around 20-30% of system cost.

Connectors, Charge controllers are another important components which help connect various components of solar system. 

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