How to build a successful brand in solar business

How to build a successful brand in solar business

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Many businesses understand the importance of building a brand, but most of them have little knowledge of building the brand effectively. Solar businesses are no different. Their need to build the brand is similar to many small businesses. If you are a large solar company and your business is building utility scale power plants, then your problem is not so difficult. It is more important to EPC companies and small scale system installers. Building the brand brings a lot of value in the business. We are going to share some of the important tips to build your brand effectively.

1. Define your business: Brand is a lot more than just a name, it says who are you and how you do your business. It tells people which category your business falls in. Just think of some of the successful brands in the business for e.g. TATA, GE, AREVA, Siemens. What comes to your mind ? Is it high quality, quality products, dependability? Now similarly define how you want your business to sound like when customers hear about it.

2. Practice what your brand says: If we take an example from high end phone like Apple, it's branding is done in such a way that it sounds innovative as soon as your heat it's name. When you think of micromax, you think of affordable smart phone with great features. Both the brands are successful. They have their own target audience, completly different from each other.

3. Communicate to your customers through the brand: You need to make a persona of the brand, and think how think persona is going to speak to the audience. Is your brand a high end high quality product ? or is it low customer centric, affordable brand ? Communicate with a consistent voice to make your brand heard.

4. Effective Digital Strategy: World is changing. Many of your customers are hooked to mobile phones on social media platform and on many other websites. Build a profile on each social media page and communicate regularly. Build your audience and showcase your work.

5. Be Innovative: Think of simple, bold ways to make your brand heard. It could be as simple as sending newsletters to your customers and incorporating your logo and tagline defining your brand. It could also be giving a booklet to your customers and designing it to match with your brand. These things make a difference in the minds of people.

Brand makes your business a human. People relate to the brand and associate with the values it delivers. Let us know which techniques you are using to make your brands visible.

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