Building your own solar panels at home

Building your own solar panels at home

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An interesting fact about solar panels, is that it not always have to be expensive. You can now get cheap solar cells directly from factories and whole sellers at a fraction of the cost of stored bought solar panels. Why pay hundreds of dollars for something that could easily cost you a lot less?

The costs vary for these solar cells depending on the quality and output, but generally you would expect to pay everything from 0.2 – 3.5 dollars per watt, but the best deals can be found around the 0.75-1 dollar a watt range. Here you will find good quality solar cells off a quality that can live up to the output of store bought(Grade A) solar panels very easily. With these prices solar panels gets really interesting, both as an investment and as a way to become self-sufficient with electricity at home or off grid.

Many are wondering how you can put together your very own solar panel from scratch, and it may be easier than you think. The items needed for such a job are easily obtained from nearby hardware shops, and almost everyone can do it at home, using only soldering equipment, nuts and bolts.

When calculating the costs for the first project, the figures can sometimes be a little higher due to the initial cost of obtaining all the different materials that is needed to do the job properly, but after this small first time payment, we can start making solar panels that are 4-7 times cheaper than what we would spend on solar panels from stores. This is a considerable achievement, when thinking off the ease of making them.


Advantages of building your own solar panels

Cheap! This is the main reason people choose to build their own, you save a lot of money by buying second grade solar cells and manufacturing your own modules. The solar cells usually just have a crack in a corner or sometimes a small chip and its more of an appearance thing then to have anything to do with the output of electricity.


Fun! Soldering together solar cells, mounting them in the frame and learning about the wonders of solar panels can be a fun learning experience, people often think of solar panels as complicated things, but they are definitely not.


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