5 Tips to generate more leads for solar business

5 Tips to generate more leads for solar business

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Sales drives every organization and for solar business, it is important to generate continues leads to keep your company profitable. Every business has a different metric to follow. For low volume and high price commodity businesses, fewer leads with high conversion make the key difference. On the other hand for low price commodity businesses, getting high volume of leads is more important. 

Large solar companies can afford to spend more amount of money on marketing, but for small and medium enterprises, efficiently spending your marketing money is critical. We will give you few tips which can help you acquire more leads for your business.

1. Define your target market: If you cater to residential customers, you need to identify, which type of residential customers tend to go for solar systems. If you cater to mid size industries, then you need to define your segment and look for avenues by which you can reach out to them. You need to see what kind of customer sets have highest priority for your products.

2. Outbound Marketing: Once you have defined your target audience, you can reach out to your customers with this method. You will face many rejections, but the volume of your reach will be much higher, and with right pitch and proposition you can actually increase your conversion.

3. Start a referral program: Solar is a business in which companies and customers show off to many of their customers and friends. They want to show that they are doing something great for the environment. Referral program with your existing customers will give you many leads.

4. Digital Marketing: World is living in online platforms like facebook, Google, and Twitter. You can develop your brand digitally and reach out to many people with comparatively smaller budget and generate leads.

5. Register your businesses with Leads Platforms: In India, we have few good B2B and B2C platform where customers are posting their requirement. You can see which platform is giving better leads. Popular Platforms in India: IndiaMart, TradeIndia, Alibaba etc Also to mention, SolareTribe is also working actively and getting many requirements from the customers. You can access to the Leads for free with just a simple registration.

Best of Luck!! 

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